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Cultivating self-reliance… Woven with the heart of community.

The purpose of First Generation Homestead is to bring people together to share and learn from one another, the skills, trades, and practices that were traditionally passed down from one generation to another.  We utilize both online and in person community to help bring back many of these “homesteading practices” that are becoming lost over the past few generations.  Some of our many areas of interest include: Animal Husbandry, Emergency Preparedness, Gardening, Alternative Medicine and Health, Crafting, Cheese Making, Homemade Personal & Household Products, Alternative Energy, Hunting & Fishing, Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth, Homeschooling, Green Burials and many more.

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FGH Open House


This event scheduled for Saturday, September 6th will not be taking place.  We look forward to seeing you at future events, classes, meetings, and more!

Thank you for your understanding!

Interested in Learning More?

We host two “Intro to First Generation Homestead” meetings and Q&A sessions on the first and third Saturday of each month at 9am in Elizabeth.
We also offer a number of webinars scheduled on various evenings of the week throughout the month.  You can view the schedule here: Informational Webinars Schedule

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If you’re ready to volunteer…

We have a number of opportunities available and would love to have you join our team!
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